Event Details

This year’s event will be a HOME RUN!

Arch Street Center’s 29th Annual Fishbowl Fundraiser is like no other party ANYWHERE!

Don’t miss a minute of the merry madness on Saturday, April 6th during our major fundraiser of the year and the BEST party in town.

Save some money by ordering one of our package deals…. we’re offering PREMIUM and DELUXE tickets that include fishbowl tickets. These package deals are available for a limited time only!

Is this your first time attending? If so, here are some details about the event….

  • We receive approximately 200 AMAZING prizes. They can be restaurant gift cards, area attraction admissions, artwork, themed baskets, jewelry, etc.
  • In order to win these prizes, you need to buy fishbowl tickets! The tickets are $1 each and sold in packs of 10. We also have “Big Fish” tickets for the higher value items that are $5 each and sold in packs of four.
  • As you enter the event, you would put your tickets into the prizes that you hope to win. Tickets are available for sale all throughout the event. The more you play, the better chance you have to win!
  • As the event progresses, we will several call times. Our emcee will draw the tickets and announce the winners.
  • Each year, we offer a 50/50 raffle. The take home amount has been as high as $1,000!! You have to play to win!
  • It’s a FUN way to support Arch Street Center and go home with some amazing prizes (and possibly even some cash!)!


If you prefer to pay for your tickets with a check (and avoid Eventbrite fees!), you can send your check to:
Arch Street Center
629 North Market Street
Lancaster, PA 17603


Our friends and supporters provide an INCREDIBLE number of prizes every year! We have restaurant gift certificates, tickets to area attractions, themed baskets, jewelry, artwork, the list goes on!

You’ll notice that there are two types of raffle tickets. We break down the prizes into two categories: regular and “Big Fish”.

The regular tickets are GREEN and are 10 for $10. The “Big Fish” are higher value prizes and are PINK and sell for four for $20.

As prizes come in for the 2019 event, we will be posting a list and some pictures to build the excitement for April 6th. Be sure to check back often to see what’s new!

2019 Prize Listing

Click here to check out a sampling of the prizes we have received so far!

What is the cost?

We are selling pre-order package deals until March 29, 2019.

You DON’T want to miss out on these deals!

We have three levels of tickets and again this year, we are selling EXCLUSIVE RESERVED tables!

Here are the details:

  • Basic tickets into the event are $35.
  • DELUXE tickets are $50 and include:
    • Admission into the event
    • 1 sheet of regular fish tickets
    • 1 “Big Fish” ticket sheet
    • This package is valued at $65! 
  • PREMIUM tickets are $65 and include:
    • Admission into the event
    • 3 sheets of regular fish tickets
    • 1 “Big Fish” ticket sheets
    • This package is valued at $85 value!
  • RESERVED TABLE for $400, which includes:
    • 8 admission into the event
    • 2 sheets of regular fish tickets (per person)
    • 1 sheet of “Big Fish” tickets (per person).
    • This offer has a value of $600!
    • Only a few available… get your reserved table TODAY!

How do I register?

You can either click on the link to go to our Eventbrite page….

OR if you want to avoid Eventbrite fees, you can send a check (made payable to “Arch Street Center”) to the Center.

Arch Street Center
629 North Market Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Be sure to indicate on your check which package you are interested in!

We do NOT send out tickets prior to the event, they will be held for you at the door when you arrive.

You will receive a registration email through Eventbrite (whether you register through Eventbrite or send us a check). You may bring it along to the event, but it’s not necessary. This is just for your records.


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