Peer to Peer Fundraising for the ExtraGive!

Are you interested in helping Arch Street Center during this year’s ExtraGive?
We’ve got you covered!

It’s really easy and is a FUN way of showing your love for ASC!



To become a Peer to Peer Funder for Arch Street Center during the Extra Give on
November 16th, click here!

Click the word “Fundraise” and create your profile!

Click on “Manage this on Give Gab” and edit your profile by including text, a picture (or video!) and choose your fundraising goal.

Once completed, go ahead and start sharing your personal profile to get your friends and family excited for November 16th!

Pass the Bucket for Arch Street Center

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Characters Pub

Time for another PASS THE BUCKET for ARCH STREET CENTER at Characters Pub on Thursday, October 25 from 5 until 8pm!
The Arch Street Center Guest Bartender Team will be rockin’ the bar and serving Halloween style realness. Join Arch Street Director of Development, Susanne Hershey Materia, Joe Hess of Cracked Pepper Catering, and Vy Banh of Sprout of Rice & Noodles.
Arch Street Center’s mission is to support the recovery of adults living with serious mental illness. The Center is open seven days a week, providing meals, and a program that encourages, empowers, and educates individuals living with serious mental illness while providing basic human needs like shelter and food that contribute to giving life meaning and value.

So, come out on October 25th and bring your friends, or family for dinner, because 100% of ALL Tips will get dropped back in the Bucket for Arch Street Center between 5 and 8pm!
We’ll have that table waiting just for you! Call 717-735-7788 or go to for reservations.


What is Arch Street Center?



Who is Arch Street Center?


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How Can You Help?

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YOU can make a difference in the lives of our members

Membership Dues

At $5.00 a year, Arch Street Center membership dues are a way for members to feel a sense of ownership of the Center, providing a hand up, not a hand out. But the fee doesn’t cover the cost of benefits that membership provides, just as the $1.00 per dinner does not cover the cost of the meal. Because many of our members would not be able to participate in activities, or even membership, if these fees were raised, contributions from community partners like you are crucial to our ability to provide our members with meals, activities, and a safe space to call their own.

Be a part of our mission

Arch Street Center has supported the recovery of adults living with serious mental illness since 1983.

Arch Street Center isn’t just a place to go… it’s a place to BELONG!

18,000 Meals

There is no more basic human need than that of sustenance. Arch Street Center provides two full meals, snacks, coffee, tea and cold beverages daily. Additionally we occasionally provide care packages of canned and packages goods for members in particular need. Many of our members experience food insecurity and periods of homelessness. Our food offerings are a vital resource and for some members may be the only meals they have on a given day. We estimate that over 45 members eat at the Center on a daily basis.
That’s nearly 18,000 meals per year!

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