Interested in getting involved with Arch Street Center?

Host a Sunday Supper or Food Drive

Food is a crucial component to Arch Street Center’s program. Here are two ways that you can involve your family, church, company, or social club.

Become an Arch Street Center Volunteer!

Arch Street Center volunteers help on a daily basis by assisting with food prep, doing activities with the members, or projects around the Center. There are committees and board positions available.

Host an Arch Street Center House Party

Host a party and invite an Arch Street Center representative to give a brief presentation about the good work we do for the community.

Contact Your State Representative

You can help Arch Street Center by contacting your local representative and talking to them about the importance of mental health services and funding.

Sunday Supper at the Center

Make a Meal for our Members!

Dinners are a very special part of Arch Street Center. We would love for you and your church, social club, school, or family to be a part of it!
We’re offering Sunday Suppers at the Center – bring or make dinner that will feed about 40 people and then come serve and dine with the members.
Anyone can participate!

There should be enough food to feed approximately 40 people. In addition to our meal, a dessert is provided to our members. Typically, about 20 people come for dinner, however, we like to have enough for seconds and use any leftovers for the following day.

It’s up to you! We have a large kitchen facility, you can cook your meal here at the Center or bring in it prepared.

Creativity is encouraged! Popular dishes include pasta dinners, meatloaf, casseroles, or even a taco bar! You’re not a cook? No problem! Our members always love a pizza party!

Dinners are served at 5:00 on weekdays and 4:30 on weekends.

We provide plates and flatware, napkins, and cups. Drinks (water and juice) are available to the members all day.
If you would like to provide any of the above items, great! That helps to keep our costs down.
Also, to be in compliance with health standards, hairnets (or hats!) and gloves must be worn. We will have them available for you.

Nope! If a different night works best for you, we can definitely accommodate. In fact, if you prefer coming to serve lunch, that works too! Just contact our staff to talk about options. We are very flexible!

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM.  Make sure the subject is set to ‘Sunday Supper’.  If you have a date you are interested in or a type of meal you would like to prepare, please provide them in the subject field.

Food Drive

Start a food drive for the Center

Running a food drive is a great way to help Arch Street Center.  Meals are one of our biggest attractions for members and is also one of our biggest expenses.  You can help offset some of these costs by having a food drive to keep our pantry full.

We put together this TOOLKIT to help you plan a food drive. Print and distribute to your group for helpful tips!

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM.  Make sure the subject is set to ‘Food Drive’.


Get involved as a volunteer

Volunteering at Arch Street Center is a fun way to give back to the community. The Center has a laid back atmosphere that is usually filled with laughter and camaraderie. There are several ways to volunteer. Check out the information below.

There are several day-to-day volunteer opportunities available:

  • Kitchen work. This could include meal prep, plating food, helping with serving the meal to members, and clean up.
  • Organizing. As supply orders and donations arrive to the Center, we can always use help sorting and organizing our supply closets and pantry.
  • Yard work. During warmer months, helping with weeding, sweeping, and maintaining our flower beds are all very helpful to keep the Center looking it’s best.
  • Activities. Do you have an idea for a fun activity with our members? We welcome groups or even individuals coming in and spending time with our members. Crafts and games are always a huge hit!

The Center’s hours are:

Monday-Friday from 10:00am – 6:30pm
Saturday & Sunday from noon – 6:00pm.

Volunteers can come anytime during business hours.

We have a variety of committee positions available:

  • Annual Fundraiser
  • Marketing
  • Development

Are you interested in a board position? We are currently accepting nominations. Contact our executive director to discuss details.

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM.  Make sure the subject is set to ‘Volunteer’.

Host a House Party

A Party with a Purpose!

Do you like planning parties? Here is a FUN way of combining a party with helping Arch Street Center!

Plan a party, a happy hour, an afternoon tea…. anything! Invite an Arch Street representative to come and give a short presentation about the good work we do for the community. It’s a fun and easy way to give exposure to Arch Street to people who may not know about the service we provide.

We strongly encourage creativity! Contact an Arch Street staff person to discuss your ideas and to help answer any questions you might have.

Absolutely! These parties can be anything from a formal dinner to a happy hour or even an afternoon tea. Whatever works best for you! The main idea is to raise awareness for Arch Street Center all while having some fun.

We’ve put this detailed WORKSHEET together for reference. This is a VERY detailed list. Your party certainly doesn’t need to be this formal. It’s just to give some ideas!

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM.  Make sure the subject is set to ‘Host a Party’.  If you have a date in mind, please provide them in the subject field.

Contact Your State Representatives

Make YOUR voice heard!

First, click here to find your state representative.

Next, here are some talking Points for Meeting with State Legislators:

  • Here is some information to prepare for meeting with a legislator
  • 4% of American have a serious mental illness that results in a disability. That would be 16,300 adults in Lancaster County with a serious mental illness. (National Institute of Health)
  • Statistics show that 24% of State prisoners and 21% of local jail prisoners have recent symptoms of mental illness (Bureau of Justice Services) and 56% of state prisoners and 64% of local jail prisoners had any mental health problem (Bureau of Justice Services)
  • 2016 Point in Time Count of those who are homeless, shows that in PA 25% of those count reported mental illness and Lancaster County reported 16% of those who were homeless as having a mental illness. (HUD Point in Time Count)
  • Lancaster County Mental Health Services provided services or contracted services for 7,057 people for a total budget of $14.8 million. This includes high cost programs like residential, diversionary, intensive mobile supports that serves those who historically would have been in state hospitals.
  • Base funding pays for supportive housing, supportive employment, social rehabilitation, residential services, case management, family support and other critical supports not paid for by Medicaid, Medicare or other insurances.
  • Base funded services have shown to decrease the need for higher cost services (like inpatient hospitalization), decrease the number of people having contact with law enforcement and becoming imprisoned, decrease homelessness and improve a community’s economy through better a quality of life for its citizens, jobs for both support staff and those with mental illness.
  • Base funding has been either flat funded or decreased since the early 2000’s with the largest decrease in 2011 of an across the board decrease of 10%. This required Lancaster to close programs and reduce services to people with mental illness while the county’s population has increased every year.
  • Lancaster is seeing more people who have significant mental illness with the closure of long term inpatient options and those who are aging that require more supports due to their medical needs.
  • A person who has a serious mental illness and has not been able to work competitively receives $756 per month of Social Security Income. The lack of affordable housing and resources to assist with housing costs makes the ability to sustain basic living needs unattainable.  The fair market rents for a one bedroom to include utilities is $733.
  • “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable member” Mahatma Gandhi

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